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Mole Removal in Burlington, Ontario

Moles can arise from various causes and some might appear worrisome whereas others may not. We are capable of assessing all types of moles irrespective of their location and providing you with a range of removal alternatives that suite you best.

Don’t suffer from discomfort, worry or self-consciousness over a bothersome mole. There are several options for getting rid of it. A personal evaluation by our surgeon, Dr. Jessica Shih, will determine the most appropriate removal approach according to factors such as size, appearance and location of the mole during an in-person consultation.

What is mole removal?

It’s a procedure where a surgeon can remove a mole from your skin through shaving or cutting. Typically, this outpatient process is speedy and enables the healthcare professional to conduct skin cancer tests on the removed mole. Additionally, some individuals opt for mole removal due to aesthetic reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to have this treatment?

The majority of moles do not necessitate any medical intervention. However, if you are dissatisfied with its appearance or sensation, then the removal of a mole may be desirable. Normally, moles are excised by providers in case they exhibit indications of malignancy or for aesthetic purposes.

What happens before this procedure?

Prior to undergoing mole removal, our professionals will thoroughly examine your skin. To make comparisons at a future date, they may capture photographs of the moles in question.

How can moles be removed?

Mole removal can be carried out through two primary techniques: surgical excision and shave excision. However, as with any surgical intervention, there exist potential advantages and disadvantages of both methods used in eliminating moles. It is advisable to consult Dr. Shih for expert advice on the appropriate procedure that suits you best.

What is the recovery time?

The duration of the healing process after mole removal is determined by your general wellbeing and the dimensions of the removed mole. Normally, it takes around two to three weeks for complete recovery from this procedure. Although you can carry out your regular tasks during this period, some discomfort may be experienced. In order to encourage a speedy recovery and avoid the risk of infection, it’s crucial that you comply with wound care guidelines provided by your medical professional.

What Should I Do After a Mole Removal?

After getting rid of a mole, it is crucial to maintain hygiene by cleaning and covering the wound. Dr. Shih will advise you on how frequently you should change your dressing. Once fully recovered, ensure that sunscreen is applied to the affected area whenever it’s exposed.

When can I return to work/school?

The majority of procedures done to remove moles are speedy outpatient procedures, allowing you to easily drive yourself back home and resume work or school without delay.

Eliminating moles can be achieved through a range of methods. It is not advisable to attempt this procedure at home on your own. The reasons for removing moles may vary from aesthetic purposes to potential cancer risks. If you detect any unusual growths on your skin and are worried about it, make sure to set up an appointment with our professionals at The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery; we will evaluate the mole accurately and perform removal if needed.

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