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Skin Pigmentation

The appearance of your skin can significantly influence how you look overall. Individuals with clear and spotless skin tend to appear healthier, while those with hyperpigmentation or noticeable redness may not seem as healthy. At The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery, we recognize that resolving issues like pigmentation and blemishes on the skin is achievable using intense pulsed light treatments such as Lumecca IPL.

Suggested Treatment Options:

At Burlington Plastic Surgery, our unwavering commitment lies in offering an array of remedies for skin pigmentation. Our prime objective is to rekindle your skin’s luminosity and elevate your self-assurance and assurance levels. Get top-notch aid from leading dermatologists based out of Burlington, Ontario – who else but us at Burlington Plastic Surgery!

Morpheus8 RF Micro needling

Chemical Peel



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