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FaceTite, Accutite, And BodyTite in Burlington, Ontario

The unexpected appearance of loose skin is a common sign of aging that can impact both the face and body. While surgical lifts may not be an option, there are minimally invasive alternatives utilizing radiofrequency energy that only qualified plastic surgeons can provide. The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery offers specialized treatments like FaceTite, AccuTite, and BodyTite by InMode which have been shown to effectively lift and tighten skin with more noticeable results than non-invasive methods.

Basic Description:

Wrinkle reduction and skin tightening using minimally invasive subdermal (below the skin) radiofrequency energy

Treatment Length:

Approximately 30 – 60 minutes, can be combined with other procedures


About 2-3 days for office jobs


Starting at $3500

Skin Tightening Treatments: FaceTite, AccuTite, and BodyTite

If you seek non-surgical means to firm and shape your facial or bodily skin, our clinic in Burlington, Ontario delivers. We proffer InMode’s exceptional treatment trio – FaceTite, AccuTite and BodyTite- that harness radiofrequency energy via a slender probe placed just beneath the dermis for tightening purposes. Furthermore, this advanced technique can selectively dissolve resistant fat cells as well as contour the treated zone with ease!

The skin’s deeper layers receive radiofrequency energy, causing various effects. Firstly, the existing collagen in the dermis contracts and creates a tightening impact immediately. Additionally, it prompts new collagen production that treats wrinkles and loose skin. By heating stubborn fat cells, this energy obliterates them to generate better body shapes for both facial and bodily contours.
There’s an alternative to surgical procedures for skin lifting and tightening. If you’re in Burlington, Ontario seeking improvement on your face, neck, body or hard-to-reach areas, our team can create a personalized plan with one or more minimally invasive treatments that yield astonishing results. This treatment is worth the investment towards boosting your self-esteem because once you see how potent radiofrequency energy can be after witnessing your transformational results. Contact us now to book an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Shih.


FaceTite presents a non-surgical option for individuals seeking an alternative to facelift and neck lift procedures. This minimally invasive treatment rejuvenates the skin, utilizing radiofrequency technology to re-shape existing tissue and trigger collagen production. While you’ll witness instantaneous outcomes, tightening of the skin will persist for several months after undergoing this procedure.


If you happen to reside in Burlington, Ontario and possess more refined regions on your face or body that underwent skin looseness, we can apply AccuTite for a secure and efficacious solution. Compared to the FaceTite apparatus and any other radiofrequency technology existing within the beauty industry, this tool is minute in size. As such, it enables your surgeon to meticulously warm up collagen as well as reach deeper layers of skin within delicate facial or bodily zones.


To attain a more toned physique, you can opt for BodyTite. By utilizing radiofrequency energy to induce collagen contraction and regeneration, this non-invasive procedure effectively tightens and lifts the skin in targeted areas of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can FaceTite Treat?

FaceTite provides an ideal option for individuals desiring to enhance the firmness and lift of their skin in regions such as the submental area, neck, and face without resorting to surgical procedures. For people who have been unsuccessful with alternative skin-tightening techniques or tools on smaller, delicate areas of their physique but aspire to improve them anyway, AccuTite can help achieve this objective.

What Can AccuTite Treat?

The AccuTite treatment targets loose skin in smaller and more sensitive regions of the body such as around the mouth, eyes, and certain other bodily areas. This innovative solution is effective for enhancing facial features like brows, nasolabial folds or even rejuvenating female-specific zones. If you have been dealing with saggy skin or unwanted fat accumulation in these specific areas, the AccuTite therapy could be just what you need to get a firmer and smoother look.

This therapy effectively firms the skin, enhances facial and neck features, and targets persistent fatty deposits that may have shifted with age through the application of heat to fat cells. Additionally, it has been known to stimulate contour creation in these areas.

What Can BodyTite Treat?

BodyTite is an effective solution to enhance the appearance of various body regions. Often, weight loss or fat reduction leads to skin laxity that cannot be corrected through diet, exercise, or non-invasive procedures like Coolsculpting. BodyTite can serve as a standalone treatment option for tightening loose skin or combined with other techniques to attain your desired aesthetic outcome. The arms, abdomen, knees, inner and outer thighs, love handles and hips are popular areas treated using this method. Depending on individual preferences and objectives multiple zones can undergo treatment to target unwanted fat deposits while enhancing overall skin health leading towards fresh new contours of the body.

What Happens During a Treatment?

The process of these treatments is mostly identical, with the only variation being in the treatment equipment and targeted area. Your surgeon will start by applying a numbing agent to guarantee your comfort during the procedure. After that, they’ll insert a small probe just beneath your skin’s surface at the designated site for treatment.

Your desired outcomes of contouring, tightening and reducing fat volume in specific target areas can be achieved through the activation of a device that emits radiofrequency heat energy. Depending on the location and type of treatment required, FaceTite, AccuTite or BodyTite may be conducted before or after complementary surgical/non-surgical treatments. The duration of total treatment varies depending on your preferred area size and whether multiple regions need to be treated simultaneously.

Is There Any Downtime?

After undergoing treatment, patients typically take a few days to recuperate before returning to their regular routine. It’s recommended that they avoid intense physical activity for a week post-procedure. Although there is minimal downtime, it doesn’t compare to the lengthy recovery process of surgery. Following completion of the session, you’ll receive comprehensive instructions on how to properly care for your treatment areas.

When Will I See the Results?

By applying radiofrequency energy to the deeper skin layers, an instant contraction of pre-existing collagen occurs which leads to a noticeable tightening effect right after treatment. As time passes, your body’s enhanced production of collagen in response to the therapy will continue producing positive results over weeks and months resulting in visibly lifted, firmer and tighter skin.

Am I a Candidate?

If loose skin has become apparent on your face or other body parts due to aging, but you are averse to surgical procedures for fixing them, these minimally invasive treatments might just be what you need. To determine the most suitable treatment or combination of treatments, it is best to book an initial consultation with us.

How Important is an in-person consultation?

By having a face-to-face meeting with you, we can assess the specific areas that require treatment and suggest personalized recommendations. Once we determine your eligibility for treatment, we will proceed by creating a custom plan for your therapy and setting up an appointment for it to be executed.

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