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Cyst or Lipoma Removal in Burlington, Ontario

A bump or lump beneath the skin causing an uneven texture on its surface is known as a cyst or lipoma. Though these growths can form anywhere on the body, the procedure to remove the lesions ensure they are completely excised. The conventional method for getting rid of them involves making a tiny cut over the area and removing it entirely. Before devising a plan to safely eradicate your cyst or lipoma, Dr. Shih will assess it thoroughly first.

Procedure Length:

Depending on the case

Back to Work:

 1 – 4 days


Local Anesthesia



Strenuous Activities:

2 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a lipoma removal?

To surgically remove a lipoma, the first step involves making an incision in the skin above it. After that, the surgeon separates normal tissue from the lipoma mass and eliminates it completely. To restore normalcy, sutures are utilized to bring together all of the original layers while also closing up any cuts made on the skin with stitches. If needed, during closure procedures for large-sized lipomas which may have caused stretching or distortions of surrounding soft tissues, excess skin may be removed as well.

How do you remove a skin cyst?

The process of removing a cyst is similar to that of extracting a lipoma, with the exception that some skin needs to be removed. Usually, the cyst is connected to the outer layer of skin and eliminating its drainage pathway or punctum can reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

What can I expect after lipoma or cyst removal?

After removing a cyst or lipoma, it is common to experience soreness in the affected area. Typically, sutures will be present and may need removal approximately one-week post-surgery. We might recommend applying antibiotic ointment or using tape dressing on the incision site. It’s vital to keep the surgical area dry for at least 24 hours and avoid soaking while sutures are still intact. Patients should refrain from exercise or heavy lifting for about two weeks following surgery instructions; however, larger lipomas necessitate drainage that could last several days to deter any fluid accumulation under the skin post-operation.

Is lipoma removal permanent?

Typically, removal of lipomas or cysts is a permanent solution with the possibility of recurrence being minimal after surgical excision.

Guaranteed Results

A crucial motive for removing a cyst or a lipoma is to diagnose any potential anomalies. After extraction, a pathologist scrutinizes the tissue under a microscope and examines it for cancerous cells or other irregularities. This ensures that patients receive accurate results regarding their mass without any uncertainty. Book an appointment today to arrange your first consultation with Dr. Shih at our clinic!

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