Treatments for Men in Burlington, Ontario

At The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery, you’ll discover a wide variety of cosmetic treatments for men. Our practice is dedicated to helping men look and feel their best with wrinkle reduction, fat reduction, toning, face tightening, and neck tightening treatments like Morpheus 8, FaceTite, and AccuTite. We can also help men achieve a more sculpted appearance; our practice offers minimally invasive body contouring and skin tightening treatments, such as BodyTite and EvolveX. Our surgical procedures include eyelid surgery, fat reduction through liposuction, body contouring and gynecomastia surgery.

Treatments for Men

Our experts at The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery understand the needs and differing aesthetic ideals of men. We also offer treatments such as the non-surgical neck lift with FaceTite, wrinkle reducing treatments with Botox or Morpheus8, muscle toning with EvolveX and surgical procedures. A full consultation with Dr. Shih will determine which of the following treatments best suit your goals and desires.

Non-Surgical Face and Neck Treatments:

  • RF Microneedling with Morpheus8
  • FaceTite and AccuTite Skin Tightening
  • Botox (Neurotoxins) and Fillers

Non-Surgical Body Contouring:

  • EvolveX muscle tightening, skin tightening and fat reduction
  • BodyTite
  • Morpheus8 Body
  • Forma Plus

Surgical Procedures:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Body Contouring
  • Liposuction
  • Eyelid Surgery


Non-Surgical Face and Neck Treatments for Men

Non-Surgical Face Tightening and Neck Tightening

Our practice performs non-invasive and minimally invasive wrinkle reduction with face and neck tightening treatments for men who want to improve and rejuvenate their appearance. Because the skin on the face and neck is thinner than on other parts of the body, it is more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. Men who want to restore their youthful appearance without undergoing surgery can seek our eyelid tightening, face tightening, and neck tightening treatments to improve the firmness and elasticity of their skin.

Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 is a wrinkle reduction treatment that is ideal for men who would like to reduce the appearance of sagging skin around the neck and jowls without the need for incisions and stitches. Morpheus 8 has gold-tipped microneedles that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the skin and stimulate collagen production. The result is tighter, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles. Morpheus 8 can be used on the face, neck, and chest.

During the treatment, we use a microneedling device that penetrates the skin while delivering targeted radiofrequency energy into the deep layers of the skin. This helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for maintaining skin elasticity and youthfulness. You’ll feel comfortable during the treatment with numbing cream, and there’s minimal required downtime afterward.

FaceTite and AccuTite

FaceTite and AccuTite skin tightening treatments are made possible by an innovative technology that delivers radiofrequency energy to the outer skin, dermis and deeper fibroseptal network with a small probe just under the skin. This minimally invasive treatment provides more powerful results than any other non-invasive treatment alone, with just a tiny access point to insert the probe. You will remain completely comfortable throughout the procedure with appropriate freezing or anesthesia depending on your treatment plan. FaceTite and AccuTite are ideal for minimizing moderate wrinkles and skin laxity, making it the ideal option to yield the most dramatic results for non-surgical face tightening, eyelid tightening, and neck tightening. Following even a single treatment, you can see immediate improvement in jawline contour and skin laxity, with even greater improvement to come in the following months.

Botox and Fillers

Do you have deep forehead lines, lines around your eyes or your mouth that you want to improve? Botox or fillers may be the right solution for you. As these treatment options are temporary, you can determine whether you like its rejuvenating effect on wrinkles and hollowed areas before deciding to continue with treatments.


Non-Surgical Body Contouring With Skin Tightening, Fat Reduction or Muscle Toning

Non-surgical body contouring treatments for men offer a safe, convenient, and effective way to reduce body fat and help them achieve a more sculpted, tighter appearance. Our treatments use innovative technologies that target fat cells and stimulate collagen production.


Do you want to tighten skin, reduce fat and tone muscle while just sitting in a chair? EvolveX may be the perfect solution for you. This hands-free radiofrequency energy and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) device can tone and contour your body over a series of 20 – 45 minute sessions, where you can watch TV or even catch up on work in the comfort of our luxurious, calming treatment rooms. The radiofrequency energy settings can be adjusted to target skin to produce more collagen and destroy fat cells. Built within the design of the applicators is a separate, but simultaneous EMS system with adjustable muscle stimulation to tone your muscles during the same session.

BodyTite, Morpheus8 Body and Forma Plus

Excess skin can result from natural weight loss, or fat reduction techniques such as Coolsculpting or liposuction. No matter what the method of fat loss, the residual problem of mild to moderate skin laxity can be targeted with impressive results using BodyTite’s radiofrequency energy delivered just under the skin.

Mild skin laxity in the body can also be treated with non-invasive techniques such as Forma Plus or Morpheus 8. A unique treatment plan will be designed for you which can involve a combination of treatments for the best results. Contact us today for a consultation for skin tightening with Dr. Jessica Shih.


Surgical Procedures

Some men expect to see dramatic, exceptional results when it comes to eliminating unwanted fat and enhancing their appearance. Our practice performs surgical procedures for fat reduction and lifting that can help men achieve their desired look and feel their best.

If you are considering a surgical procedure to improve the contours of your body, our practice can offer you a range of surgical options that can help you achieve impressive results.  Some of the surgical procedures we offer include gynecomastia surgery, body contouring, liposuction, and eyelid surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is performed to remove excess fat and glandular tissue from the male breast. The procedure is typically performed on men who are bothered by their enlarged breasts. Depending on the amount of glandular tissue, the surgical procedure involves making a small incision from a quarter to half of the border of the areola and removing the excess breast tissue, along with excess fat from the chest area.

Body Contouring

Whether you want to address loose skin post-weight loss, excess fat, or other body imperfections that are resistant to diet, exercise, or over-the-counter products, we can create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. Surgical body contouring procedures include abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, body lift, arm lift, thigh lift and post-massive weight loss procedures.


When it comes to removing unwanted fat, liposuction offers amazing results. This procedure uses a few small access points to target and sculpt specific areas of the body with excess fat. Liposuction is a popular choice for men who are looking to improve their appearance and achieve a more toned physique without large scars. If you are considering surgical body contouring, our team will provide you with all the information you need, including the results you can achieve, and how to prepare for the procedure. Liposuction can also be performed in conjunction with BodyTite, which can tighten loose skin once unwanted fat is removed.

The ideal candidates for liposuction are men who are close to their ideal weight. They may have localized areas of fat that they cannot get rid of through diet and exercise. Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure, and it is not meant to be used as a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Eyelid Surgery

Many men get eyelid surgery to minimize the appearance of droopy eyelids and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This procedure involves the removal or redistribution of excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. Men who are interested in getting eyelid surgery must be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the results.


Transform Your Look and Feel Your Best

At The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to providing men with superior treatments and surgical procedures that will make them look and feel their best. From eyelid tightening to liposuction, our treatments are designed to leave you with long-lasting results. You can rely on our team to provide you with a customized treatment plan and listen carefully to all your concerns. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Shih.

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Jessica Shih, MD, FRCS(C)

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Shih is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, born and raised in Burlington. She completed her undergraduate degree from Cornell University before completing her medical doctorate and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency at the University of Toronto. She then completed a subspecialty fellowship training at The Johns Hopkins University.

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