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Face & Skin

At Burlington Plastic Surgery, we cater to numerous skin-related issues through self-referral for cosmetic purposes and physician referrals for medical reasons. Whether your primary care doctor has directed you to us or if you’re personally seeking remedies for your aesthetic needs, we offer customized solutions that match your specific financial plan, schedule and preferred outcome.
Our skin experts and certified doctors are specialized in utilizing advanced laser technologies and injectables for rejuvenating the skin, improving its texture, tone, laxity, and appearance.


Earlobe Repair

Enlarged Pores

Mole removal


Skin Pigmentation

Shape, Lift, Contour the Face

Skin Blemishes


Wrinkles-Facial Creases


Whether it is reshaping or contouring the body, eliminating wrinkles or hair loss, both men and women have access to multiple surgical options to help boost their confidence. On the other hand, beauty treatments that are non-invasive can achieve remarkable results without requiring surgical procedures. This means you can enjoy beautiful outcomes without having to deal with recovery periods, possible scars, and additional costs. Although surgeries may have long-lasting results, the demand for non-surgical alternatives is high due to their effectiveness and convenience. No matter your condition, we will provide top-notch non-invasive procedures and treatments that can improve the look and health of our patients. We have an array of services designed to bring long-lasting results, tailored to each individuals’ specific needs by actively listening to and responding to their concerns. Contact us today for your initial consultation with Dr. Shih!

Vaginal Dryness

Vulvar & Vaginal Laxity

Unwanted Body Hair


With the decrease in societal shame surrounding cosmetic procedures, and with more advanced and realistic treatments becoming available, a growing number of males are opting for these to combat aging or modify features that do not meet their standards. We provide top-notch non-invasive procedures and treatments that can improve the look and health of our patients. 


Unwanted Body Hair

Wrinkles-Facial Creases