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Arm Lift Surgery Burlington

Arm Lift in Burlington, Ontario

As we grow older, our skin gradually reduces collagen production resulting in droopy skin. This issue is aggravated by considerable weight loss causing surplus skin that cannot be sufficiently addressed through collagen creams, anti-aging serums or non-invasive treatments. In such instances, the best solution to attain desired physical appearance would be opting for an arm lift procedure also referred to as Brachioplasty.

Procedure Length:

Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours

Back to Work:

About 5-7 days for office jobs and non-strenuous activities


General Anesthesia


N / A

Strenuous Activities:

4 weeks to resume exercise/strenuous activities

What Is an Arm Lift?

The surgical technique of an arm lift involves the removal of drooping skin and sometimes excessive fat from the upper arms. Typically, women opt for this surgery due to their arm muscle structure; however, men may also require it after shedding a considerable amount of weight. Outpatient incision procedures are used to tailor your needs by eliminating redundant flesh and fatty tissues in your upper limbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Procedure Work?

The procedure of Brachioplasty involves a few simple steps. Patients will meet the anesthetist upon arrival at the surgical center who would brief them about anesthesia and their personal pain management plan. Next, the surgeon outlines where each incision is to be made before administering general anesthesia. Typically, incisions are made on either side or rear of arms stretching from underarm to elbow with length and placement dependent on individual anatomy as well as other factors. Removal of extra skin and fat along with tightening and reshaping supportive tissue through sutures follow suit after sedation kicks in during the surgery process.

What Happens After the Procedure?

Extensive discussion of your recuperation needs takes place during the preliminary evaluation and pre-operative meeting. Upon completion of the surgery, tailored recovery guidelines will be presented to you. Your arms are bound with bandages, and a dressing is applied until your subsequent follow-up appointment. Compression garments for the duration of your recovery will also be required.

Can I Drive Right After the Procedure?

After undergoing general anesthesia, driving is strictly prohibited. Thus, it’s crucial to plan ahead with a friend or family member who can bring you home safely. You should anticipate experiencing some discomfort and queasiness but there are certain pain relievers that may help alleviate these symptoms during your recuperation period; nevertheless, it’s important to carefully read and adhere to the labels on such medications as well as any guidance provided by the anesthetist. Also, staying hydrated and getting enough rest must be prioritized for a speedy recovery.

Who Is Arm Lift Right for?

If you’re feeling self-conscious about excess or sagging skin on your upper arms, then a Brachioplasty may be the right choice for you. However, before undergoing this procedure, it’s important to have an initial consultation with a medical professional who can determine whether it’s appropriate for your needs. If you are currently in the midst of weight loss efforts, it is advisable to wait until you’ve reached and maintained a stable goal weight before considering arm lift surgery.

Does My Health Condition Matter?

Thoroughly assessing your health, medical past and any underlying conditions is crucial to determine if you’re fit for Brachioplasty. However, it’s important to note that specific health issues may render you ineligible for this surgery; like an untreated ailment or a recent viral or bacterial infection can affect your eligibility.

Who Isn’t This Procedure Right for?

Women who are currently pregnant or trying to conceive, as well as those who are breastfeeding or have recently stopped, should not undergo this procedure. Additionally, for optimal outcomes from the procedure, it is important that you maintain a consistent weight beforehand.

Are there other options if I do not want large incisions on my arms?

Depending on the amount of surplus skin, fat or both that you possess and its severity, alternative choices may involve non-surgical body sculpting with EvolveX, liposuction, Body Tite or a blend of these techniques. If anyone is anxious about whether this surgery suits them or not; they can undergo a comprehensive assessment with Dr. Shih to determine which options cater best to their individual requirements and generate an exclusive treatment strategy for them.

Reducing the Appearance of Loose, Hanging Skin

A procedure for lifting the arms is intended to enhance an individual’s physical appearance by removing surplus skin and some fat, along with tightening up any slackness in the upper arm area. This technique involves precise incisions that allow the elimination of extra tissue. It may be beneficial for healthy grown-ups who desire better self-esteem through the reduction of redundant upper arm flesh or adipose deposits. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shih today to learn more.

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