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Mommy Makeover Burlington

Mommy Makeover in Burlington, Ontario

Following childbirth, a significant number of women observe transformations in their physiques. These variations could manifest as obstinate pockets of fat, drooping buttocks or breasts, and surplus skin or bulging on the abdominal region. Thankfully, The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery presents an exclusive mommy makeover experience that incorporates personalized non-invasive therapies along with surgical options such as tummy tuck and body or breast surgery to resolve these concerns.

Procedure Length:

Variable Depending on Procedure

Back to Work:

About 2 weeks for office jobs and non-strenuous activities


General Anesthesia


Combination of Breast Surgery, +/- Abdominal Surgery, +/- Vaginal/Labial Rejuvenation

Strenuous Activities:

4 – 6 weeks to resume exercise/strenuous activities

Mommy Makeover

The term “Mommy Makeover” describes a variety of surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatments that are used to address concerns women may have with their bodies after they are done having children. By combining several methods, Dr. Shih can help you feel restored post-pregnancy. While there are many potential treatments, the ones described here address the most common problem areas women face after childbirth.

Post-pregnancy, there are solutions to address vaginal, labial and urinary concerns. Procedures such as Plus90 and Morpheus8 do not require surgery and can encourage the production of collagen and enhance blood circulation in the vaginal wall and labia. These treatments can help alleviate symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), like dryness or urinary incontinence. There are also non-invasive methods available that promote core strength while simultaneously improving skin appearance. The EvolveX technology offers a way to tighten muscles, reduce fat, and contour your body shape all at once thus aiding post-partum abdominal laxity issues.

Our Procedures in a Mommy Makeover

The Tummy Tuck

Excess skin and fat around the tummy is a commonly encountered aesthetic problem post-pregnancy. Abdominoplasty involves removal of surplus tissue, and reshaping of muscles to attain desired aesthetics. Rectus plication – mending stomach muscle position – often accompanies abdominoplasty after childbirth; it effectively eliminates central bulging in your abdomen while enhancing contour for optimal self-confidence. The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery offers drainless tummy tucks that enhance comfort during the recovery period following surgery.  Performing a breast procedure alongside can help achieve the ideal look and feel good about yourself!

Breast Lift

As women age or go through post-partum changes, it’s common for their breasts to start sagging. Fortunately, a breast lift can restore that youthful perk by repositioning and reshaping both the breasts and nipples. The surgical process involves utilizing various incision patterns based on the size and shape of your natural breasts to achieve optimal results.

Breast Augmentation

During pregnancy, a considerable number of women experience an increase in breast size. However, after the breastfeeding phase is over, breasts may start to droop and lose fullness. If you desire to regain their previous appearance, surgical procedures such as lifting or augmentation can be undertaken either individually or together for optimal results. Dr. Shih will assist you in attaining your preferred breast shape and dimension.

How It Works

Once you connect with us, we’ll schedule an initial consultation where you can express your concerns about specific body parts. Then, we’ll educate you on the available options as some clients prefer one procedure while others select multiple ones for full-body rejuvenation. To determine which treatments are most fitting and to create a personalized plan of action, Dr. Shih will advise and assist in decision-making during your consultation.

You Are Healthy

Maintaining good physical health is a prerequisite for qualifying for breast augmentation. It should be emphasized that this surgery usually involves the use of general anesthesia, which necessitates healthy heart and lung function. This importance becomes even more pronounced if you intend to undergo additional procedures, such as liposuction in conjunction with breast enhancement.

Here’s to all the Mums in Burlington, Ontario

The physical toll of pregnancy can cause stress on a woman’s body, resulting in problems like sagging skin, extra fat or urinary incontinence. To overcome these issues and regain your self-confidence, seek advice from the specialists at The MedSpa at Burlington Plastic Surgery who will design a tailored treatment plan to cater to your specific needs. Take the first step by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Shih today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Procedure Right for?

We provide a range of techniques, many of which are surgical in nature, meaning that they may not be appropriate for all individuals. If you have an intense health issue or your body struggles to recover and heal, it might be necessary for you to consider our non-invasive treatments instead.

Women who are uncertain about their childbearing plans may delay undergoing a makeover. Getting pregnant after the surgery could interfere with its outcome, leading to additional appointments. Also, certain breast surgeries can hinder breastfeeding post-operation. Hence, it’s best to seek treatment only when you have made up your mind not to conceive again.

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